Daniel Njoo



B.A. in Statistics and Computer Science

Amherst College Amherst, MA, USA
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.69
  • Relevant Coursework (Stats): Intermediate Statistics, Probability, Data Science, Nonparametric Statistics, Theoretical Statistics, Statistical Communications
  • Relevant Coursework (CS): Computer Systems, Data Structures

Selected MOOCs

Work Experience

Summer 2018

Sales / PR Intern

Transform PR Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Developed and worked sales pipeline for top crypto PR firm; also performed market research, updated clients, and drafted press releases
  • Performed in-depth product due diligence by testing and evaluating code bases
  • Created preliminary evaluation model to filter prospective clients
Summer 2017

Software / Business Development Intern

AiFi Santa Clara, CA, USA
  • Adopted implementation of paper for landmark-based facial recognition and ported to iOS as proof of concept
  • Participated in development of highly-labelled data generation pipeline for use in CV algorithms
  • Generated and pursued leads for potential products
Summer 2016

Software Development Intern

Jatis Mobile Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Headed side-project to streamline company's manual reporting with JasperReports
  • Assisted in de-bugging of Java code for weekly deployment of a live mobile e-commerce app

Emergency Medical Technician

Singapore Civil Defence Force Singapore, Singapore
  • Served at Central Fire Station in accordance with my National Service obligation, assisting my paramedic in patient treatment and conveyance

Selected Projects



Head Organizer
Assembled the team, galvanized external and interal support, raised funds, built the website, and put together a series of pre-hack workshops for Amherst College's first hackathon


I write a weekly newsletter on the happenings at the intersections of tech and business.

Data Investigations

Assorted investigations approached with data science.


Developed an automated personality test taker with a Facebook Messenger and web interface; the web interface can be viewed here.